Zodiac Sign: Leo

House: Fifth

Day: Sunday

Colors: Amber, Orange, Red, Yellow


The Sun is the center of the solar system, it’s light nourishes and gives life to beings on earth. In your birth chart it serves a similar purpose, psychologically. It represents the confidence, will, self image, desire to achieve, ego etc. This does not mean that your sun is the sole deciding factor in who you are. Each planet serves a psychological purpose, however the others’ are more specific. The Sun is a general influence, affecting all areas of your psychological makeup, and serving as a focal point. He is the center of your own personal ‘solar system’ as it’s shown in your birth chart.


Although the Sun is predominant in legend and mythology of every ancient culture, it is unknown exactly where the name Sun came from.  It was most likely derived from Sunna (also called Sowilow or Sol) A Germanic Sun goddess.   Sunday, the Sun-ruled day, was named after Sunna.


In Roman  mythology  Apollos is the Sun god.  He is also god of light, healing, prophecy and music.  His Greek counterpart is Helios.  Other Sun deities include:

RA - Egyptian Sun God

Surya deva - Hindu Sun personified

Savitar - a Hindu Sun deity associated with Surya

Awando - Sun god of the African Munsh tribe

Svarog - Slavic Sun god

Tsohanoai  - Navajo Sun God

Malina - Inuit Sun Goddess

Freyr - Norse Sun god


The Sun is, of course, technically a star not a planet.  However in astrology it is classed with, and referred to as a planet because it has the same function in a horoscope as the planets.  Sometimes the Sun and Moon are referred to a luminaries, to distinguish them from the actual planets.  The Sun is about 864,000 miles from earth, with a mass about 330,000 times that of Earth.  It takes approximately 365 days for the earth to complete it's orbit around the Sun, and therefore 365 days for the Sun to complete it's cycle through the wheel of the Zodiac.


The symbol of the Sun depicts the circle of spirit, brought into focus in a single point.  The dot in the center of the circle is symbolic of the Sun's function, both in the solar system and in the astrological chart.  It is a central point, around which many aspects of consciousness revolve.  It is through our Sun that we find ego and identity amidst a circle of endless possibilities.  We see that function in the all encompassing circular form, with a centralized definitive point in the center.