Taurus Moon at a glance



Taurus is the sign of the Zodiac most closely associated with our Mother Earth. This is the time for seeking grounding, stability and patience. The Taurus Moon solidifies and manifests. It is well suited for anything of the physical and material world.

Things began under a Taurus Moon, develop slowly. Quick result and instant gratification aren't likely under this Moon. It's a time of building, gradually and carefully. Begin things you intend to last, to slowly build and strengthen; start well planned, long-term projects.

The Taurus Moon whispers "slowly but surely"…. It brings a heightened interest in creature comforts, anything soothing, and an eye on the future. It's not the time to launch into high energy or fast-paced activities. This is a time of steady progress towards goals, while finding the most scenic route to get there.


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