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Personal astrological forecast for the coming year

This report is for taking a look at the coming year.  It seems every year brings significant events to our lives and evolution to ourselves.  Usually we are at least somewhat unaware of what is coming, what's happening or what a lasting impact it's going to have until we look back at the ‘year in review’.  How many times have you wondered what if I had known… Be ready for those ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities that always seem to slip through your fingers. Brace yourself for the upheavals that come when you least expect and knock your feet off from under you. Turn your attention where it’s needed before it’s to late.

  When you look back at last year (or a few years ago) what do you remember? “I moved into my dream house”, “My family life fell apart”, “I made so many friends that summer” “I was so restless I quit my job and went back to school”… You don’t remember the good days, or the bad moods. You don’t remember finding $5.00 in the parking lot or roadwork making you late for work. You remember the significant events, the ones that help shape your life. You remember the themes and patterns that shaped the year. And you remember the things you wish you had seen coming.

This report deals with the major challenges that will shape the next year. The focus here is not on minor or short-term things, rather the detours and crossroads coming up in the path of life. This is about influences that will be in effect all or most of the next 12 months, forming a theme for the year, and what is beginning that will continue beyond this year. It also helps you understand the changes in yourself. Life is a process of constant growth and evolution. All too often we undermine the our inner progress, feeling obligated to be the same person we have always been. Or over-react taking a sharp turn into ‘left field’ when unfamiliar emotions and interests arise. Sometimes we blame those around us, thinking they must be different if we react to them differently.

 If you want extra information about a topic (for example career or romance), or if you feel something significant is going on in your life that you would like to understand better just let me know, and I will focus more on the relevant events.

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