Zodiac sign ruled by Uranus: Aquarius

House ruled by Uranus: Eleventh

Day of the week: Saturday

Colors: Electric Blue, White, Bright Green, Sky Blue


Uranus is the rebel, the unexpected. He’s the side of you that doesn’t care if everyone is shocked, or hopes they are! This is where you find a love of change, and a hatred of authority. This is where you find your quirks and eccentricities, as well as a craving for freedom. Whatever part of yourself and your life you want your way, whether anyone likes it or not, is where your Uranus resides.


Uranus is named after the Greek god, named Ouranos or Uranus.  He is the sky-god, considered to be the embodiment of the heavens, and father of Cronus.  His Roman counterpart is Caelus, god of the sky and father of Saturn.


Uranus is about 4 times the size or Earth, and takes approximately 84 years to complete his orbit around the Sun and through the Zodiac.  Each year, he spends about 5 months in retrograde.  This is the farthest planet visible from Earth, although he is not as easily visible as the 7 inner planets/luminaries, and can only be seen with a telescope.  However, it's interesting to note that, as long a the skies had been studied with telescopes, Uranus wasn't discovered until 1781, when he was spotted by William Herschel.  In some very old astronomy and astrology texts, you will find this planet is was originally called Herschel, until Johann E. Bode named him after the Greek god of the sky.  The fact that he remained illusive for some time after we had the technology to easily view him, is testament to the well-know Uranian penchant for surprise.  


The symbol for Uranus, as complex as the energies of the planet itself, depicts the cross of matter elevated above the circle of spirit, and centered in a mirror-image of the crescent of the soul.  All elements are connected, touching each other.  This shows the heightened awareness associated with Uranus, as the soul is looking both ways.  The cross of matter, representing the here-and-now, physical world is central to the image.  Uranus brings an awareness of exactly where we are in this world, and just how centered we are in mundane practicalities of daily life, and the solidity of our current situation of our Earthy lives.  He also reminds us of our connection to spirit, the foundation we built this life upon.  He reminds us of the possibilities, where we have been, where we could go, and what the very soul is striving for.  This is why Uranus stirs up such a restless, rebellious, craving for change, as we are keenly aware of all that is out there, or may be out there, surrounding and beyond our current position and situation in the physical world.