Zodiac signs ruled by Venus: Taurus and Libra

Houses ruled by Venus: Second and Seventh

Day of the week:  Friday

Colors:  Emerald, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Rose


Venus is a magnetic energy. She represents what you are drawn to. This is where you find what you want, what ‘creature comforts’ you enjoy, and what material possessions matter to you. She is your fashion sense, taste in decorating and what you consider beautiful. Venus also, of cour_se represents who you want both in friends and romantically (she is best known for her association with romance). Wherever you find pleasure - in people, in things in beauty- you will find Venus.


The planet Venus is named after the Roman Venus, goddess of love and beauty, as well as patroness of gardens.  Her counterpart in Greek mythology is Aphrodite.  In Norse mythology, she is Frigg.  Friday, as the Venus-ruled day, was named after Frigg.


Venus is the closest to being the same size as Earth of any planet, although she is a little smaller.  Venus also comes nearer to Earth than any planet, an at times is easily visible.  She glows brightly, and is often referred to as the morning star.  She has been called earth's twin.  She is about 67.2 million miles from the Sun with a nearly circular orbit.  It takes 255 days for Venus to complete her orbit around the Sun, and about 1 year to complete a cycle through the Zodiac.   She retrogrades for about 5 weeks every 17 months.  


The symbol of Venus depicts the circle of spirit elevated above, and touching, the cross of matter.  Venus is the ruler of beauty, art and love, where we often find the physical and material word touching he spirit world. She also associated with valuable possessions, and her symbol is an indication of how materialistic tendencies often represent one having lost touch with the instinctive desire for items of meaningful, spiritual, or sentimental value rather than simply monetary value.