Virgo Moon at a glance



Virgo is known as the sign of efficiency and practicality. Use the Moon's passage through Virgo to set things straight. This is the perfect time for matters of health and wellness, organization, simplification, scheduling, or tending to details.

Things began under the discriminating Virgo Moon tend to become an exercise in the search for perfection. If you are starting a project that you need to keep on schedule and work out every glitch as it comes up - this is the time to begin. If you are seeking a bit more flexibility, giving little attention to planning, or intending to work sporadically in a stop-and-go fashion, this isn't the ideal time.

While the Moon is in Virgo you may notice a dip in morale. Moods tend to be heavy, and many people slip into a downcast or highly critical state. Virgo is the fault-finder, and we tend to feel what is wrong - be it internally or with others. Remember, it's a time meant for seeking improvement, not simply focusing on the need for it.

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