You are already familiar with how vital and powerful planetary energy can be. It’s nearly sunrise. You know soon the Sun will cast light upon the world. It’s summer. As the Sun climbs in the sky the light will brighten , the heat will be intense. Although the world around you is cast in dark shadows and the temperature is chilly, you don’t question what’s coming. As the sun rises over the ocean it illuminates waves lapping at the shore. You know the ebb and flow of the sea are brought about by the Moon. You don’t question it. These are things you can see with your own eyes, visible effects of planetary influences. This is an example of the most indisputable astrological phenomena. Indisputable because it is visible, and tangible. The Sun and Moon, as well as other planets have other effects on our lives, less visible and tangible, but no less real. Astrology is the study and interpretation of these powerful planetary energies, and what they mean to you.

What forces were at work when you were born? The position of the planets at the moment you became an independent being, existing outside your mother’s womb, are your Natal Planets. You carry this energy force with you throughout your life. Just as genetics, how you were raised and your life experiences mesh with other factors to determine who you are , how you think, and feel, so does the energy of your Natal Planets. Life experiences may be pleasant, traumatic, enlightening, etc. as they support, challenge or expand what you learned and what opinions you formed in childhood. Likewise, as planets move into aspect with your natal planets they can have disruptive or harmonious effects, bring challenges changes or opportunities, depending on the nature of the aspect. You feel it internally from minor mood swings to major psychological issues. You see it externally in events occurring in your life, changes in other people's actions or reactions toward you, and the changing twists and turns as you navigate the path of life.

You have always experienced the effects of astrological influence, although you may not have known what it was or where it was coming from. Astrologers study and interpret these aspects, helping you understand your own natural psychology - why you think, feel and react the way you do as well as the changing effects of transits (where planets are now) to help you understand what challenges and opportunities may be coming your way.

There are other uses for the study of planetary energies. The timing of an event effects it’s outcome the same as the moment you were born affects you. Electional astrology helps you choose the best time for the best results in a planned event, i.e. marriage, starting a business or buying a house. The timing of a question can give the answer. Horary astrology answers questions based on the energies present at the time it was asked. The energies of any given moment have different affects on everyone depending on their birth chart, but also some similar affects on everyone no matter what their birth chart is. Mundane astrology is the study of general affects (like full Moon) that everyone feels individually, as well as influences that set trends in business, politics, etc.



Astrology isn’t  ‘fortune telling’, and it isn’t a guarantee. It can predict the type of influences coming, and the area of life likely to be affected, but not every specific detail. It can help prepare you for how you may be inclined to react, but only you know how you will react, and what you will do. If you have an opportunity will you take it or pass? If you face a challenge will you back down or face it and learn something?

Astrologers can’t make your decisions for you, they can give you advice. Only your heart and soul knows what is right for you and your life They can’t promise what is going to happen they can tell you what is likely. Planetary influence is one factor in your life, and the events you experience, but there are other factors.

Things such as national events, other people's issues etc. may or may not be reflected in your chart, yet they affect your life. Your own free will is always the most important variable in any situation. The choices you make, goals you pursue define your path of life. Astrology is simply a tool to help you better understand yourself, and the unexpected turns coming your way. Astrologers provide guidance to help you make your own choices and improve your chances of success but NEVER to make guarantees or make your choices for you .